welcome to the store...

Thank you for visiting Elysian Apparel! I opened EA to offer high quality clothing at an affordable price for those who like a little pizazz in their life. You can find everything from clothing and tees, to digital files and other gifts here on the site...

  • kids

    the possibilities are endless when you can customize their clothes with prints they love

  • adult

    from matching the kids to customizing your own clothing, we got you covered

  • tees

    everything from tees to sweatshirts. feel free to customize your own or choose one from our selection

  • all handmade

    every item in the shop is sewn by me, so you won't find any overseas production items anywhere on the site

  • usa based

    we buy our fabric from US suppliers to bring you the very best in quality for your items. this also means that you're supporting more than just one small business

  • shipped worldwide

    we offer shipping everywhere and are happy to accommodate you if you have any special requests